God made me black because he knew I could handle it shirt

God made me black because he knew I could handle it shirt



Gary Roberts my mother pays hers as well. The assault weapons of the day were mentioned. All people are created equal and have a chance to do or not as they see fit. Others’ lives are not my responsibility. Thinks the original Constitution protected “the assault weapons of the day” but doesn’t recognize the guarantee to healthcare as an inalienable right to the pursuit of happiness. Try being desperately sick, you can’t work, no health insurance, and facing bankruptcy, fella. Hmmm, perhaps your firearm will be helpful then, after all. Why didn’t you buy health insurance before you got sick? It’s available to all. Health Care is a service just like anything else you pay for. The right to bear arms gives you the right to have one it doesn’t provide one. David Moore Now, why assume I’m as dumb as you and don’t have health insurance? We don’t pay for our “rights,” fella. You can pay for a gun and for a permit but not for the right to bear it — unless you break the God made me black because he knew I could handle it shirt that govern the right to do so responsibly. Nikki Petit By that logic, you have no right to an attorney if you’re arrested and cannot afford one. You have no right to municipal firefighters putting out your house fire if you didn’t pay your local taxes. You have no right to free education for your child because you live in a bankrupt district. And you still have no right to vote because you’re not, as the Constitution originally states, a free white male property-owner. It took the 15th Amendment in 1870 to change that. I’m older than you and a helluva lot better educated going just by your posts. Your “product” is what citizens in other First World countries have that is administered as a right. You can pay for extra services if you wish, but unlike here, you will not get drastically sicker, go bankrupt or die just because you can’t afford the “product.” Aw, the fallback deflects of the insecure white guy — being “emotional.” And yet here you are, wasting your supposedly valuable white male privilege arguing on a liberal web site. Must be that lack of whatever doesn’t satisfy you at home that you have to come here and get your panties in a twist.


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