Get in loser we are getting chicky nuggies shirt

Get in loser we are getting chicky nuggies shirt



I won’t disagree with you. Makes sense to me. I just think that this technology is advancing very quickly and every single bit of our personal Get in loser we are getting chicky nuggies shirt is already available, including our faces to almost anyone, anytime. By showing our face to anyone at any time, anywhere, we’ve already signed the “terms of agreement” within our society. We’ve used facial recognition for hundreds of years with sketches of suspected criminals. When you get a state ID, your face photo is put into a federal database. Meanwhile, ACLU backs banning any organization that defends white people from anti-white discrimination and anti-white policies. They even said a few years ago they will STOP defending any organization that doesn’t hate white people. This is why I demanded links. I don’t care about inference or assumption. I asked you to prove it and you’ve repeatedly said “everyone knows. You have no facts. Your arguments have been based on inference and calling anyone who doesn’t agree with you brainwashed. I don’t need to be clever, your argument is just that weak. You can think of your face identification as a set of numbers. They’re ratios and angles. Those can be combined to a single number. Since there’s more visual fidelity to lighter skin, each of those numbers has a greater range, making your final number bring something like 1 in 100000. For darker skin, that number might be one in 10000. In other words, your chances of being mistaken for someone else are higher as a Black person. Until you address the fact that the ever-expanding prison system is entirely a result of our politicians allowing the prison industry to lobby, you’re going to run into a brick wall. Our prison system is getting bigger and bigger because that’s what politicians want because that necessitates a bigger and bigger prison union, which allows bigger and bigger “political contributions.”


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