Gemini squad shirt

Gemini squad shirt



What needs to be done is to stop this glory worship of the military and police. There are a ton of scumbags in both. Racism and bigotry aren’t uncommon in both. You can’t train people to have compassion, but you can create consequences that keep you from being so cavalier about force. They know they are protected from consequences. Kathleen Capolongo Taking a knee is disrespecting Vets since the flag and national anthem represent them. You want to protest go to police departments, city halls, and the state Capitol no need to disrespect vets to get people to see your cause. Furthermore, the city, county, and state government are controlled by Democrats so if anyone is to blame for no one being charged well you have your own party to blame. Remember the Republican Administration in Georgia charged the two wannabe cops for their actions. Yes, it sucks, but they could have been exonerated. Not a big win but a win nonetheless. Now, who is keeping track of where these men end up? We need to ensure that they are never allowed to work in law enforcement again. That would be lovely but that’s not going to happen this time. I think we will see it happen in the next 10 years. Then again I thought we do something about gun violence after San Ysidro but I was wrong about that. In response to Mr. Floyd’s pleas for help, they kept telling him to relax and get into the Gemini squad shirt, while kneeling on his neck. This is insane. They were taunting him like bullies on a playground (understatement). With four cops and handcuffs on the guy, there’s no defending kneeling on the guy’s neck like that for so long while he is face down while telling him to get up. This cannot be excused. This cannot be allowed to go without a conviction. They want people to be enraged by these incidents. If people become so enraged they do something rash, these officers can justify doing more of it and their superiors can justify wiping out entire neighborhoods. Yes, charge them! Let them experience the long arm of due process.


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