Full of christmas spirits shirt

Full of christmas spirits shirt



Marian Scholz Steele oh so they can come through a port of entry and not break the law to seek asylum? Good, that’s what they should do. Otherwise, they end up in the immigration camps as they should. Tyler Bush Entering the US to apply for asylum is lawful. It is defined as lawful. The law expressly prohibits prosecuting anyone who enters the US by any means and has lawfully requested asylum. Courtney Evans, you spelled conquered wrong. Maybe if the natives had been a little more for securing their border history may have gone more in their favor. But by all means, let’s let history repeat itself because clearly it wasn’t learned from. Courtney Evans, You lost this argument long before semantics were brought up. You’re grasping at straws and trying to bring history that doesn’t matter into this. It’s the 21st-century, grow up. The Constitution and the international laws and accords our country is a party to are still the law of the land. This being the 21st century does not magically make such invalid, no matter how much your fascistic hate wants it to be so. James Wells well it’s funny how we have so many illegals that are here but not applying as asylum seekers huh? Almost seems like we should build a wall to keep them from having such an easy opportunity to do that. Courtney Evans, we had a little thing called a “war” for this land and y’all lost really bad so you can’t claim it’s yours you did t try hard enough and lost it so get over yourself. William Chandler we need to make one part of the wall open so it can be an American ninja obstacle course so it can be on pay per view and whoever wins can come in but if they lose, too bad so sad lol. Our president trump could be the Host! I’m pretty sure this can be proved by the countless news Full of christmas spirits shirt showing these people fleeing untenable situations over great distances and risking their lives. The free shit they are looking for is a place to live free (meaning with freedom). And the suggestions have been made long go. Treat them with compassion and offer them a speedy process by funding more judges while working to alleviate problems in their home countries with diplomacy and aid.


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