Fuck racism shirt

Fuck racism shirt



No victory fist pumps yet, folks. Elsewhere tonight I read that 27 republicans and 10 Democrats voted to reject something to prohibit warrantless snooping on the net. Since 64 votes were needed to pass, both parties conspired to miss that target by one vote. What victory, they can get our internet history by use of vague possible connections of terrorism that they don’t have to show to the Fuck racism shirt they are requesting because it is an ongoing investigation. All without a warrant. Pushing for change doesn’t require picking your favorite devil. Indeed, going back and forth just cranks the ratchet: you get to vote your least favorite rights off the island, and, when you’ve lost too much of one set, the pendulum swings back and you lose some of the other. SAW XII: American politics edition. Just because someone offers to let you pick which limb they amputate doesn’t mean you should. No, they don’t. Burglars don’t get rewarded for breaking into a home, why should illegal aliens be any different for the same act. Rewarding this garbage only diminishes the struggles of those that have immigrated legally and cheapens the citizenship they have earned. Illegal aliens should spend every day looking over their shoulders for ICE until they are caught and deported or they leave on their own. Your ancestors are illegal aliens and war criminals. If you’re not responsible for what your ancestors did, these people are not responsible for what their parents did when they were incognizant children. Your hatred is clouding your rationale. William Carter’s only thing that upsets me & who I represent is the continuous suffering of humanity because we haven’t implemented the correct consequences for irresponsibility in our society, let alone much more irresponsible cultures. Fortunately, steps are finally being taken to change projections of our future, but we’re not out of the woods yet. Please mature, the older you get, the more pathetic you will become.


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