Fuck Kyle Busch shirt

Fuck Kyle Busch shirt



Merlene Hillman-Ryel except that’s not how people die, is it? I don’t know if you have noticed or not, the almost 100,000 people listed on the front page of the New York Times today were not listed by party affiliations, were they? In birth and death, no one really cares how you classify yourself. It’s what you do between those two events that really matter the most.
Sheesh…. the depth of depravity in your comment echoes all the way down that hole of darkness. You can spread COVID-19 when you yourself have no symptoms and don’t know you have it. Regarding the border: anyone can apply for legal asylum – according to the law. I believe strongly that shut-down saves lives. It should have been done nation-wide much, much earlier. I choose to use my intelligence. Open everything – I’m not going. Darwinism in action. No, I’m not missing the point. You and no one else yet can tell who will get it and who will die. I am making the Fuck Kyle Busch shirt that your numbers are correct. Everyone has to participate because we have not tested enough to know who is safe and who isn’t. Even doctors are not yet competent to choose that 1%. Testing and vaccine are the keys, I think. This is not asking for 10 years off your life. Wear a mask, wash your hands for 20 seconds, don’t congregate in groups. There is no rationale for using face masks to stop the spread of the virus either but that ain’t stopping the government or the sheeple masses. If masks and social distancing work that there is no reason for shutting down the nation and destroying the economy. That is unless this has nothing to do with public health at all.


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