Fuck Fibromyalgia Breast Cancer shirt



Fuck Fibromyalgia Breast Cancer shirt

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It’s always been that way. The general population can’t wrap their heads around same-sex relationships, why would they be able to conceptualize all the elements–good and bad–of them?TN either. The DA who presides over the bonnaroo festival town has openly vowed not to prosecute assault or battery between gay couples because he believes in Adam and eve not Adam and Steve. The entire system continues to emphasize women who are abused by men. Intimate partner violence continues to be represented as a “women’s issue”. The LGBTQ community is left out, in most instances, from laws and resources available to “battered women”. Although the numbers aren’t large, men abused by women are also left out. Obviously, laws at every level that are discriminatory need to be changed. But, we also need to change the Fuck Fibromyalgia Breast Cancer shirt being used, starting with lawmakers. The VAWA is a good example. This should be called the Domestic Abuse Act or Intimate Partner Violence Prevention Act. Although protections for victims who aren’t women abused by men are including, it’s more like an afterthought. While I think it’s rather silly to change names of things like manholes to be gender neutral, inclusive language is very important in laws and conversations about topics.


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