Friends giving shirt

Friends giving shirt



Media and Liberals keep telling us we have a gun problem. NO. We have a problem with Evil Hearted People and too much tolerance and excuses for their Evil. More funding needs to be extended to paying for advanced technical crime scene training, improved and faster DNA testing, and prosecutor training for death penalty cases. Homicide cases should not drag out for years, and death penalty cases should not take decades to finally be executed, there needs to be faster processing. Parents & care providers, please don’t let your children out of your sights unsupervised. Gone are the days of carefree play without adult monitoring. So many people allow their children to walk to schools & stores alone, or swim in pools without their presence. Not a good idea until they are old enough to drive or use a cellphone. The best Bernie could do is set policy within the DoJ and related agencies to not pursue federal-level charges for marijuana use/possession, however, the states themselves could still pursue charges as per their own laws. Formally legalizing it would require a bill to go through congress and then signed into law by the Friends giving shirt.  Glenn Carson – A state still has to ratify laws handed down from the fed, and can even vote to reject that ratification. Also, there are states, like California for example, that routinely enact their own laws that supersede federal (regulatory) law, including those in regards to constitutional protections. The president, as I noted elsewhere in this particular Fox thread, cannot create nor change existing law, but can write an executive order to set a policy instructing administrative branch departments to not pursue charges and/or call on congress to remove, change, create laws in relation to that EO, Or said another way, the president can’t actually “reverse” laws, just effectively nullify the exercising of them as a matter of policy at the federal level. Those that do generally spark the courts and/or Congress to speak up. All that said, states usually go along with laws handed down… unless they’re blue. Just trying to clarify what I wrote, not necessarily disagreeing.


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