Fresh prince shirt

Fresh prince shirt



How inaccurate do you think the census will be because so many people have more important priorities, like trying to eat and survive? Major cities will be undercounted. I think there should be a redo when this Pandemic is behind us. If we had a president with the slightest interest in fairness, he would have at least postponed it for a few months. But the only fairness he cares about is fairness to him, and ONLY him! The ethnicity Fresh prince shirt has to do with enforcement of federal acts, such as the Voting Rights Act, and the distribution of program funds to areas with high minority populations. So leaving it blank isn’t helpful at all to your community. Lauren Cercone might be a valid question but there isn’t much enforcement of federal acts these days, especially acts such as the Voting Rights Act. Local, State and Federal are doing all they can to make sure “certain” people don’t get a vote. I certainly wouldn’t count on funds for programs to help minority populations, not from this administration. Suzanne Harrigan Your community will be hurt by an undercount—not this administration. Corrupt politicians are hoping for an undercount. They hope minority populations don’t respond. Federal dollars will still be allocated, but they will go to more affluent areas. That means other areas will have better schools, better roads, & more money for disaster recovery. Meanwhile, your community will miss out. Census data also influences political representation for the next ten years. This includes how political lines are drawn and reapportionment. Based on the count this year, your state could lose congressional seats.


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