Freddie Mercury We Are The Champions Shirt

Freddie Mercury We Are The Champions Shirt



If you don’t want an abortion don’t get one. Educate our kids. Shows a significant reduction in abortions. Also, your beliefs are not necessarily my beliefs so move along and live your own life. There should be a law that only women can vote on anything concerning her body! Men do not understand at all. One politician said a woman cannot get pregnant when raped. Amendment to the constitution needed: Any law passed in the United States found to be unconstitutional shall have costs of all litigants paid by the persons that voted to pass said law. Let’s force these cretins to actually investigate the constitutionality of the laws they pass. Keep fighting the good fight. I wish SCOTUS would hold the state legislatures who pass unconstitutional laws (just so they will end up in court) in contempt and slap some hefty fines on them personally. The taxpayers in a state should not have to pay for court costs and fines—the legislators should! Mark Fagan why don’t you stay in your lane, and tell your fellow brethren to stop ejaculating irresponsibly without protection, because you know, it requires sperm to make babies. American men aren’t exactly showing up to be dads lately. Mark Fagan Again Mark not remotely true…the Freddie Mercury We Are The Champions Shirt of women seeking abortions are married women with children so this whole idea of women being wanton baby slaughtering irresponsible sluts is just stupid and ignorant this medical procedure to terminate an unwanted pregnancy is health care and there is no murder going on here. Please Mark read a biology book take a class and learn what you are talking about…and its none of your business unless you can gestate a fetus


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