Freddie Mercury christmas tree shirt

Freddie Mercury christmas tree shirt



Then why not give your own plan instead of criticizing hers? Oh, that’s right, you don’t have anything. That’s ok, the other Democrats are sinking the ship for you. I’m sure they will let you in the lifeboat as it’s going down. Jennifer Colon, I’m sure with his plate being full from all this circus sideshow antics the Democrats are pulling with this impeachment process, he has a plan in the works. Much like all the positive work he has said he would do, gets done. Unlike a lot of “promises” made by these so-called politicians. Healthcare is a privilege, not a right, firearm ownership is a right, not a privilege. I am not responsible for paying your medical bills and keeping you healthy. I love seeing this, Both are failed losers, Klobuchar been a senator 12 years and has accomplished none of her plans if elected, Warren 6 years and zero accomplishments, now turning on each other. Klobuchar started at 1% is still at 1% spent more last quarter campaigning than she took in. Neither has any hope of the nomination. It’s not gonna happen Warren. You will be killing the elderly if you have medicare for all. We can’t even afford to pay for it now. some people don’t have the supplement. And sometimes getting meds is a choice of food or meds. I have one entire week a month that I have to scrape to eat. normally it’s 2 sandwiches a day. the cheapest way to go. Hopefully, she is found safe. Perhaps not, but it stinks of methamphetamine use. Stayed up too long. Didn’t eat or drink. Began to hallucinate. No gunshots from outside. Called a friend instead of 911 in an “emergency” situation. Hopefully, she’s somewhere safe asleep. Lisa is defiantly right. Our black government is actually in control of the cartels and collects a large amount of there profits. Thus problem would already be solved if this was incorrect. Huge amounts of money from all the druggies and our Freddie Mercury christmas tree shirt is a part of it. This is why nothing ever gets done. Our government doesn’t give two craps about these people


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