Forget the she shed I need a Bitch barn shirt

Forget the she shed I need a Bitch barn shirt



Thankfully, treating a trans person receiving HRT as their gender assigned at birth is not something any reasonable or remotely knowledgeable doctor would ever do. You are very misinformed, stop spreading that nonsense as though it were fact, it’s not. Scott Hertzog what about people who have both female and male genitalia? They don’t count as one of “two sexes”. So there aren’t only two sexes. It’s a lot more complicated than that. I grew up in a conservative house, so I admit that I don’t understand it all, but I know there’s more than just male and female. When it comes to health care should somebody who diagnoses themselves with cancer automatically be granted cancer treatment? No. So why medical treatment on the basis that somebody says that they’re trans, with very little evidence to go on. Tamara Williams how about a commitment to psychotherapy for more than just three sessions before being prescribed cross-sex hormones. How about exploring any underlying issues, such as trauma, abuse, autism, personality disorder, depression before opting straight for trans as a diagnosis. Deirdre Louisa because it’s not a mental illness. Would you insist someone with liver cancer first seek counseling to rule out anxiety or depression before receiving appropriate, recommended, and effective treatment? Debbie Gray’s gender dysphoria in itself might not be a mental illness, however, there are many reasons why somebody might experience it. If that issue is explored then the GD might be resolved. Otherwise, as we are seeing with the Forget the she shed I need a Bitch barn shirt they have had their bodies mutilated and the underlying issues remain because they were never explored in the first instance.


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