Floki’s shipyard quality longboats sin 793 ad shirt

Floki’s shipyard quality longboats sin 793 ad shirt



That is true. But you can’t compare that time with now. They are not remotely the same since there are now rules and criteria that have to be met to immigrate. Most of which are being ignored. And even if they’re doing it correctly the majority won’t qualify for asylum. Sandra Kincaid Covert before tRump, there wasn’t any problem with immigrants seeking asylum, most were granted a trial to determine if they had a justifiable cause to be allowed immigration status. That’s not happening anymore and instead of turning them back, they are being incarcerated in detention centers that don’t see to their needs. I hope you never have to seek asylum, I doubt you would survive the horror these poor people have to go through. There is a process for asking for asylum and that process is codified under U.S. law. Under that process, people may petition for asylum and they must meet certain criteria, so yes, it’s not guaranteed. The process should be fair and in accordance with the purpose of the asylum law. I’m not sure what your beef is. Legally speaking I want abortion to be left alone. Morally however I view it as murder, plain and simple. I see those murdered by their mothers as the cost of living free. Same with shooting death victims. It’s sad, but it’s the cost of living in a free country. Mark Fagan Actually, women’s lives aren’t screwed up when we are treated as actual people with actual rights to our bodies. It’s when we are forced to endure medical conditions against our will and our rights are stripped away that our lives are screwed up. Mike and Bob recognizing that women have a right to make their own medical decisions are not the same as you opining on situations you don’t understand and decisions you’ll never be in the Floki’s shipyard quality longboats sin 793 ad shirt of making.


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