Flamingo Pretty in pink and ready to drink shirt

Flamingo Pretty in pink and ready to drink shirt



Kathryn Johanknecht The reason we have separate restrooms is to protect women from predatory men. Transwomen are still men. Women discussing THEIR Flamingo Pretty in pink and ready to drink shirt don’t get trans people killed. It is mostly male on male violence. La’Quitia Denson Because the transactivist movement is beyond seeking understanding and compassion at this moment and clashing with women. They are really looking to deny sex differences altogether which has ramifications for women who are discriminated against based on biological differences. Siobhan Loughman Quit telling lies and waving your bigot flag on the page of civil liberties supporters. Keeping trans women out of women’s restrooms will not stop predatory men. Straight men are FAR more likely to rape and sexually assault women than trans women, as a matter of fact, trans women have NEVER been caught harassing ANY cis women in restrooms and there is NO link between trans women and sexual assault in restrooms. Trans women are women, no amount of your lies will change that objective fact. What has been proven is that trans women are killed and brutally assaulted if you force them to use the men’s room. “This study finds that the passage of such laws is not related to the number or frequency of criminal incidents in these spaces. Additionally, the study finds that reports of privacy and safety violations in public restrooms, locker rooms, and changing rooms are exceedingly rare. This study provides evidence that fears of increased safety and privacy violations as a result of nondiscrimination laws are not empirically grounded.”


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