First annual WKRP thanksgiving day Turkey drop shirt



The tabloids are vultures and all they care about is selling their rags. truth is a foreign word for them. I don’t have a bird so I never need to buy one, but if I get a cat I might use them to line the litter box. I guess she shouldn’t be surprised. In reading these comments it’s unbelievable how hateful this American audience is. I’m not a fan of hers, I never have seen her act but even a famous couple should be able to just be but apparently some people think they have an inside scoop. How many husbands you have? Look like now you wanna change a new one again? Yah usually a person who change so many husbands never wanna stay with one husband for a long time because they are boring. The two need a serious smack in the face. They have no problem jetting off here or there (while preaching about the environment)getting expensive gowns and doing big renovations on their home at the taxpayer’s expense while doing a limited amount of “work.” Now they have the gall to do a First annual WKRP thanksgiving day Turkey drop shirt to whine about how hard things are? Both are near tears so often and Harry broke down in public just recently. Perhaps what you need is therapy as opposed to a camera! Awful pair! Meghan loves being in the public eye, but only when she chooses. She loves what being a member of royalty affords her, but doesn’t want to give back to the British people who continue to support the monarchy. She wants the jewels, the gowns, the fancy invites, but wants to lead a private life. Meghan and Harry say they want privacy, but then they announce their woes to the world. Wouldn’t it have been wiser to talk to family, like William and Kate? What exactly did she expect ‘to be fair’? That she could act like a princess with none of the responsibilities? And Harry, Meghan is nothing like your mother. Your mother was only 19 years old and naive and married cheating, lying man that’s soon to be your king. Charles only married your mother to produce heirs to the throne. Sorry, he also happens to be your dad. You both need to grow up, act like responsible adults, get some counseling, and give back to your family, instead of taking, take, take. Or you can become private citizens somewhere, work for a living, and give up the fancy lifestyle. Just don’t come to the U.S., please.


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