Fast and Furious signatures shirt

Fast and Furious signatures shirt



The right to choose legal medical treatment is protected in the 14th Amendment Sect 1. It was added when slaves were freed to ensure they could not be owned and could make their own decisions. It still applies today. Every free American person can make legal decisions for their own body. No govt can force free Americans to gestate and bear a child against their will. Jeremy Mose Rawley The woman’s right to choose is about making women cheap, accessible, and exchangeable to wicked men, but it also emasculates men separating them from their children and their duty to protect them. Also, abortion rights make children fatherless. Thomas E Hale Standing up for our constitutional rights is not “throwing a hissy fit.” People like the border patrol agent mentioned in this article count on people like yourself complying with unlawful orders because they hope you are too tired or too much in a hurry so that they can try to argue that it isn’t too much of a burden on people etc. Frances Glenn exactly. I’ve been saying that for almost4 years. We’re are repeating history. A regime is reminiscent of Hitler and ww11. People blinded by their fear and hate. We already have children in concentration camps and no one cares or notices. Not to mention the technology and weapons we have these days. It’s chilling. You should never play those FB games and quizzes. None of them! They are also used as a tool to gather info about you. My sister works for IBM, and says never, ever play those cute games and quizzes everyone posts. Every time I post a photo of myself to FB I get “asked” by the software if I want to tag my sister. (FB technology thinks we share enough of the same markers that it cannot tell us apart -even though I’m way cuter than her ). So obviously this technology is seriously flawed! Also, the Fast and Furious signatures shirt of the Boarder Officer should lead to a reprimand! This is a case of him misusing his uniform and post!


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