Everything you like I liked five years ago shirt

Everything you like I liked five years ago shirt



The CIA has acted independently for so long. They have large businesses investments and ties that are shockingly created to fund their organization and hide their dirty deeds. Remember daddy Bush was once Director of the CIA, and he created some less than honorable excuses to go to war. Who is guarding the guards? That question was asked in a novel, written by Dan Brown. We need to ask that same question of our government. Kitty Mackin Back in the mid 70′ S when I was still a teenager I read a book by John Marks and Victor Marchetti called The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence, it forever changed my perspective of the CIA. Kimberlee Ponson, yes I am aware, but that still does not change my point. It hardly matters if torture was occurring since the very inception of the CIA, the fact is that Obama could have gone after the latest group of torturers, but chose not to. Had he done so, that would have put the CIA on notice and perhaps even made them clean up their act. Since Obama chose to cover it up, it only emboldened the CIA. Who knows what they’re doing now. Clint A. Hodo, the CIA works FOR the President. They are a part of the Executive branch and the Everything you like I liked five years ago shirt is in charge of the whole branch. He could have directed that Holder investigate, in conjunction with the respective Inspectors General, charge all involved and prosecute. There would be absolutely nothing Congress could do to stop that. Obama is not the president right now. Trump could do something about it if he wanted to. Even if it is true that Obama ignored the issue, that does not make it OK for Trump. Didn’t your mother ever tell you that two wrongs don’t make a right?


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