Everyone is a photographer until shirt

Everyone is a photographer until shirt



For the time being at least, we’re fortunate to still have some honest legacy judges to make just and objective decisions that align with decades of constitutional and legal precedence. God helps us when these good judges retire and our civil rights and justice system fall into the hands of Trump’s grossly unqualified, hack and/or graft greedy judges to call the shots. Chris Kangeter they are using the Census and if you moved and did not forward your address then you may find that you can’t vote because you will need id and 2 pieces of mail and a lease. I think registering needed to done by the 18th. Well if you actually read the amendment, which I have no problem with, it said if they complete all terms of their sentence. The fines imposed at sentencing are part of the penalty. I don’t see how requiring them to be paid too is a poll tax. Glenn Drawdy thank goodness I was starting to think I was the only person who saw the sane and moral aspect of that.. everything a judge gives you is your punishment until everything is done it’s not done. (and I personally did it myself and it wasn’t a small feat so it’s not something that is not a burden ). Glenn Drawdy, Everyone is a photographer until shirt isn’t the fines, fees, etc. They still must be paid. But, poorer people have more trouble paying than richer people. So, two felons with the exact same sentences are treated differently under the law simply because one can walk in and pay and the other can’t. Thus: the rich get to vote, and the poor don’t. Dan Beel, I agree with you there. It also goes for traffic tickets, bail, etc. Poor people spend more time in jail. Criminal Justice has become about money and not justice or rehabilitation. I think this fight is misguided because it’s fighting a symptom and not the cause. Unless there is restitution why have a fine with a sentence?


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