Even Jesus had a fishing story shirt

Even Jesus had a fishing story shirt



I know how it works my cousin is a doctor with mayo. So what really was the issue was the lack of a good support system. Because many people have babies while in school to be a doctor or in their intern years as doctors. But they have a solid support system.  I asked you said “yes, we both do” I didn’t assume you she did. I’m still sorry she said it even once. Even if it was just telling you about her lack of choice and why she feels choice is so important. Like I said I’m sorry she didn’t have a support system and could follow her dreams. I’m sorry you had a horrible childhood. I don’t agree with your view. I haven’t had the greatest childhood I have put my dreams on hold before for my kids but always by choice and I would gladly do it over and over. The best thing that ever happened to me was becoming a mom. I know not everyone wants that and I get that. Friends with a girl who doesn’t want kids. She got fixed so she couldn’t have kids and has never had an issue. She loves her nieces and nephews. Her choice is based on her childhood. I don’t think she is less for not wanting kids. I fully support her choice. She did what I have been saying but yet you say I’m so awful for it. My friends who have had them I’m still friends with them. My heart breaks for them because they regretted it. They suffer from trauma from it. Do you care about the people it hurts in this fashion? Bernadette Umstead. A stillbirth that doesn’t come to term, needs the medical procedure called an abortion to remove it safely. The fact that the fetus is terminal does not change the terminology used by medical professionals. The paperwork, that the former mother to need to sign, still lists it as an abortion. It’s sad that you don’t know how to spell, you don’t know grammar, and you don’t know even the most basic shit about your own body. We need more money for education in this country. To you other ladies, I know it isn’t really my place, but I hate ignorance. She’s too old to have a dog in the race anymore, and she’s ashamed of the Even Jesus had a fishing story shirt she had when she was younger, but she calls it a D&C in her head. So all that cognitive dissonance has piled up over decades, and she’s lashing out at young women now for even having the choice she used to have.


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