Energize shirt

Energize shirt


This is what happens when an oligarchy masquerades as a 2 party system. They pretend to fight so much they screw us over instead of working it out for the betterment of the nation. Both parties are complicit no excuses. Everyone with COVID should forward all of their medical bills to the White House, making sure to cough and sneeze heavily on every document and liberally applying their saliva on the envelope glue. I think the cost of postage alone would give the USPS a financial boost! Elson Welk trump has had several sexual assault cases against him. And he bragged about walking in the dressing rooms during his teenage beauty pageants when he knew that the contestants would be in various stages of undress. If what you accuse Biden of is true (and like most of what Trump supporters it usually isn’t) you should be a big fan of Biden. Fear tactics. These 6 people plus 1 Poll worker could have been anyplace and exposed to anyone. There are too many variables for cheating with ALL that the state was seeking. There needs to be verification of all votes. Remember how close you are to Cook County where they still have voters that died before Richard J. Daley in 1976. I do – but I also realize that there is another perspective on this entire virus thing. Without the number of individuals that have been exposed to the virus – which is more than probably most of us – there can be no Real projections. What was done in South Korea can not be done on a Federal level without each state collecting their own data set and supplying it to a data depository? These are totally arbitrary numbers but I think something like 95% of people exposed – <5% requiring treatment and <1% deaths when all the national Energize shirt has been collected and analyzed. That is still a lot of deaths and hospitalizations that we probably want to avoid. Mail-in voting has been done for years with little complaint. Now all of a sudden Trump says it’s scary and it’s a problem.


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