End rape culture even if it meals shirt

End rape culture even if it meals shirt



Well, I guess what I would need are actual criminal charges. Say what you want, Trump was still impeached and people were prosecuted. No charges against the Obama’s so far, so I will wait to give my final decision. Without prosecution what is there? Accusations. Please understand I don’t support anyone performing illegal actions, but nothing has been proven and prosecuted here so, as the beloved statement goes, nothing burger. Maybe that has something to do with the higher chance of officer interactions in their community due to higher crime rates…. everything is not racism, get over yourself. Get over yourself. White people commit just as many crimes as blacks and other minorities but get more leniency in the court system. Blacks also get more time for the same crime committed by a white person, therefore the End rape culture even if it meals shirt IS racist. Well, that’s really the argument that has to be dispelled, you are right about that. It’s very hard to show the number of people who committed a crime and were NOT caught. Even your argument that there are higher crime rates as subject to this same bias. You can’t prove that white people are NOT committing crimes without getting arrested. You’re basically just saying ‘in the absence of real data, I choose to believe that black people commit more crimes than white people.’ Maybe you should reflect on what that says about you. The statistics that are compiled from data about police arrests? Those statistics? I live on the planet where those statistics reflect the data they are compiled from. Give me some emojis so I know you understand.


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