Elvis Presley legend never die shirt

Elvis Presley legend never die shirt



Mark Fagan “I wonder what discoveries and contributions to humanity…” etc., etc. This is one of the most specious arguments for forced births. Do you ever wonder how many future serial murderers, or arsonists, or pederasts, or totalitarian dictators were aborted? Of course not. In fact, unwanted children–especially those born into poverty–have a much higher chance of becoming criminals, lacking nurturing parents and supportive communities. Poor women are not supported in having children. They often can’t afford proper prenatal care, and often end up giving birth to children with deficits. Their infant mortality rate is higher. Is it better to abort, or to have a child die shortly after birth? Maternal death rates among poor women are higher, too. Should women be forced to die so a malnourished child can be born motherless? Pro-birthers are generally also anti-welfare, so those kids get the worst possible start in life. Parents who don’t want to be parents are more likely to be abusive, both physically and emotionally. Teenagers who are forced to give birth most often end up on welfare rolls, while, had they been allowed to complete their Elvis Presley legend never die shirt without the pressure of child-rearing, they might have become far more productive members of society–and better parents when they were ready. Did you know that about 50% of pregnancies don’t “take” but are spontaneously rejected by the body? Sometimes, it happens before the woman even knows she’s pregnant. All that lost potential! And what about the sperm so carelessly flung against bathroom walls? How many Einsteins did you kill today? Mark Fagan taxpayer money is taxpayer money, if your claim is one is worse than the other, your problem really isn’t about taxpayer money. Federal law prohibits the use of federal funding for abortions, the Hyde Amendment, except in the case of rape, incest, or emergency if the risk of imminent maternal death. There is no such restriction on funds ($10.3 million a day) for Israel.
Selective outrage on your part, intriguing.


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