Eh nah my pancreas shirt

Eh nah my pancreas shirt



How long have you studied trans issues for Andrew? I prefer to listen to people with masters and PhDs on how we should support trans kids. I only have taken a few university courses in the area and even I know you are completely ignorant about the Eh nah my pancreas shirt. I just wonder what your big interest in this issue is, are you trans? Think about this — we live in a time where people are less afraid to be themselves and to admit to varying gender identities and sexualities than they may have been in the past. If we look back at gay and lesbian history, we see ebbs and flows as society is more or less accepting. Very few men and women were comfortable admitting their sexuality in the fifties if they didn’t conform, but if you go back to the forties it was much more tolerated! Thus I would argue that there have always been trans people. But now more and more of them are becoming brave enough to be who they are rather than hiding and denying it because they know they are not alone. Because they have more support and love from their families and communities. Because they finally have a name for this thing they have known they were all their lives. ACLU and other top zionists let the legislature do whatever they want as long as they don’t steal from the people for “personal use” (it’s okay as long as you are in line with the masonic pirating system) Most of this legislation shouldn’t even be introduced, but it’s all about a popularity contest, never mind the other 49%. It’s not about following the rules laid out in the Bill of Rights because this country belongs to the UN and Israeli crime networks. Have you lefty’s not figured out that the racist and bigot claim has no effect at all anymore? It was used on Trump nonstop in 2016 and he still kicked the crap out of Hillary, you should find a new cryfest, that one is not working out well, is it?


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