Eat trash hail satan shirt

Eat trash hail satan shirt



Actually, I never said the gov’t should quarantine people over 65. What I said is people in high-risk categories should quarantine. This should be voluntary…personal responsibility. I also think financial support should be provided. I do not think this is a liberal plot other than liberals, in their zeal to attack Trump, created a panic beyond what the threat is. This is what liberals do. Rather than discuss the merits of point, they try to attack the person to discredit. In China, a population of a billion,82,000 people were confirmed to have it. Most likely, it was much higher in 3300 died. In Italy, a population of 65 million with an older population, 6800 died. We have been warned and the most vulnerable are really the ones at substantial risk. Focusing on those as opposed to the Eat trash hail satan shirt as a whole is not an unreasonable position. The gov’t can provide warnings and support. To shut down assembly though the loss of liberty is not what this country is about. Screw you and your straw man. Turn off MSNBC and use critical thought. There are more options than a choice between a police state where rights are trampled and doing nothing. You just want to shoot anyone that leaves the house or simply arrest and put them in jail. Immigrant detention, yes, because of the way the administration has been misusing it. Prisons and jails – need to think on that long and hard. So I’m not signing now. They need to release ALL individuals from immigrant detention! It is a threat to everyone and treating humans with dignity and respect is paramount in these times of crisis! It is not just vulnerable populations contracting COVID-19, it’s healthy young people as well. I’m just concerned about what’s going to happen to convicted incarcerated vulnerable people if they get released into communities that don’t have supports in place for them. With no employment and restricted access to income, nutrition, and housing support, where are they going to end up? Many will have families to take care of them, but many won’t. Where are these elderly incarcerated people supposed to go? Will they be eligible for income support under the stimulus bill? Immigrant detainees and those in jail awaiting trial because they can’t afford bail should be released immediately (because they shouldn’t be in there in the first place).


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