Eat it Like a pastor lickalations 69 shirt

Eat it Like a pastor lickalations 69 shirt



Where are the regulations and training? Do they just hire anyone off the street who applies? Disgusting behavior. Pay a living wage and train the employees. Hire people who have compassion and at the very least the capacity to know right from wrong. I blame this on the owners of the nursing home and all, for-profit nursing homes. Low wages and little training, does not qualify anyone to do this kind of work. Working with the elderly is hard work and low pay, doesn’t make great employees. Tugg Speedman This nursing home knew exactly what they were hiring. I think these 3 should get major jail time and the owner should be sued to the point it put this place out of business. I’m not deflecting. We had a very bad experience with a nursing home in Wilkes barre, Pa involving the death of my mother inlaw. I’m, in no way, on the side of this facility involving these 3. Unfortunately, in low unemployment, it’s hard to find employees that want to do this work for very low wages so they have to hire whoever walks through the door. Please check in on your senior family and friends in facilities like this. These facilities are so desperate for help, they’ll hire anyone without extensive vetting. The elderly and minor children are prey to these miscreants. Disgraceful. What else is new these poor people in nursing facilities the family should check on them as much as possible not all of them bad but mostly you have to have a lot of patients with this type of job if you don’t have that get out. I worked in a mental health facility once where there was patient abuse. I was very young but I was the person in charge of a cottage of 64 patients. I witnessed employees way older than me being abusive. They paid no attention to me. I went to the administration and reported the Eat it Like a pastor lickalations 69 shirt. The person taking the report wrote nothing and looked away then said I better be careful and watch out for my car. I resigned. A few months later the family read brought up on multiple charges of patient abuse.


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