Easy distracted by dragons and books shirt

Easy distracted by dragons and books shirt



Our US Immigration laws were the Simpson-Mizzoli Act. It was championed by Reagan and includes how we were supposed to give full citizenship to the Dreamers and punish all the big employers who hire undocumented workers. You’re entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts. My question is why does the Easy distracted by dragons and books shirt keep these kids instead of deporting the kids with there parents when they arrive at the border, Why are we keeping them! that’s the big question. Everybody knows the foster care is horrible in the U.S, and several kids get mistreated in foster care, The crazy thing about this is the federal government loses them and then can’t find them while they’re in the separation process, I just hope there isn’t some kind of human trafficking going on because there some sick people out there. Desiree Hall, have you ever emigrated from one country to another? People who decide to move somewhere else always have a network of people whose relatives, friends, neighbors, etc have left and somehow keep those at home posted. That’s how they know. Jane Cooper, So you spoke to them personally to know that or are you making a blanketed assumption? Do You understand that there are people in this country that are completely ignorant of what’s going on at the border? What if their network includes ppl who don’t watch the news? Ever thought of that? But let’s say they do know what’s going on and they still decide to come. What does that tell you about the situation they’re fleeing? Desiree Hall, first they enter the country illegally, then they steal a social security number, then they falsely collect benefits. Everything from housing to food stamps two free healthcare and education. Then they go get a job working under the table getting paid cash and drive around in a nicer car than you do. Don’t be so gullible!


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