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Being vegan in America defeats the purpose. Anything that touches American soil is toxic. I don’t care how organic you think it is. I’m a healthy eater myself. The main reason why I travel 3 months out of the year. That at least helps me eat real food on someone else’s land. My family now has a home in Canada. That’s where I’ll be eating healthier. Sleep. With my work schedule, the way it is Sunday morning is typically the only morning during the week I get to “sleep in”. That extra hour will go toward recharging for the upcoming week. You set the clock back before going to bed and wake up at the same time as you normally would, pretending that nothing has changed. I don’t get why people get so stressed about this. I mean I’m not a fan, but it’s not that big a deal. I wish they would move it so the kids can have a day off of school. My husband and I pass out candy but we like to give the kids a little fright and a little show because we love Halloween. I remember when my husband dressed as Godzilla the kids were telling the neighbors there was a dragon on the street! Also as a former trick or treater, I can say school nights do hamper trick or treat times. Just my two cents. Why not. Let’s start moving Christmas and Easter too. What the hell. A date is just a date after all. As a matter of fact, I think I will change my birthday. I’m not too keen on it as it is. Always a conflict with Valentine’s day. FFS people! Seriously! Don’t know how bad the rain is but we still went out no matter what the weather. These younger parents don’t seem to want to do the work. I’ve seen posts about a time schedule, about different days to go trick or treating. It’s one day a year. Get organized, get out the Eagles signature shirt, boots, umbrellas, etc. Get creative.


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