Dwarfs St Patrick’s day and Wine shirt

Dwarfs St Patrick’s day and Wine shirt



I would if I were trying to change your opinion. I’m not. I’m merely expressing mine. Now, if you have a specific question, I might be inclined to answer. You are free (as am I) to feel however you wish about this and I am free to disagree. If I am understanding your comment correctly you are incorrect. It’s the hospital that canceled the surgery, not the doctor. The man’s insurance approved the surgery as he was able to go to a different hospital to have the procedure so I’m not sure why you think this is about financing…it’s clearly sex discrimination. “The very next day — a day before my procedure was supposed to take place — the hospital called my doctor to inform her that the Dwarfs St Patrick’s day and Wine shirt had been canceled because the procedure was related to my gender transition.” It says the hospital called his doctor to cancel. Not that the doctor canceled. It also explicitly states that they were arguing their right to religious freedom. There’s plenty of articles about this case. The hospital is in no way denying that they refused to allow his surgery to be performed because of him being trans. They are arguing they are within their right to do so because they are a Catholic hospital. Glare Reyes yes indeed! It was the hospital that turned him and his doctor away. There was staff willing to do the surgery but the hospital said not on our property. That’s even worse. People have used religion to justify racism as well as homophobia and transphobia. I’m assuming you’d be fine with them using their doctrine to refuse care to a POC, seeing as you’re determined to be on the wrong side of history and all. Your views support the deaths of people not like you.


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