Dungeons and cats shirt

Dungeons and cats shirt


Sanctuary cities started appearing in the US in 1985.. was Obama president then? No, it was Reagan. And cities were not even the first to declare Sanctuary Status in the US, it was some churches in the South. The ACLU also sued the Obama Administration in 2014 over detaining people without trial in those detention centers. And you are right. Obama deported more undocumented immigrants than any president. He actually had the numbers down to a 40 year low. Our current administration has made such a mess down there it has caused the Dungeons and cats shirt to essentially collapse by fabricating an already bad situation to a catastrophe.. and basically ruined 20 years of progress in illegal immigration. So I guess you batted one for three in that one.. and the last one is odd since you would think someone who wants border security would be celebrating success at it. Dale Ludtke, you are clueless, true liberalism was ended by Hussein Obama, fascist are big on political correctness as identity politics that is how they oppress freedom of speech and expression just like liberals do, and when someone defects from their stupid ideology they punish them as they did to Ellen and mister West and many others, fascist just like liberals don’t tolerate other views and are violent against conservatives like it happens in our schools and colleges run by fascist liberals, conservative speakers are confronted with violence, fascist just like liberals don’t like people having weapons that are way liberals embrace Islam because it reflects their values of intolerance oppression and violence, Reagan was right if fascism ever comes to this country it will be in form of liberalism, that is why Hollywood takes orders from the Chinese communist party same for NBA. Mark Fagan maybe if the feds would stop requiring locals to pay for enforcing immigration laws and housing federal immigration prisoners for years at a time, the locals might be more willing to help out.


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