DSP 2020 the one where they risk their lives to save yours shirt

DSP 2020 the one where they risk their lives to save yours shirt



Not unexpected. But outside of liberal activism, there is no reliable support for your number. You’ve made it up looks like. No surprise that you can not make a valid claim. If they let them out after the virus passes, will they be required to go back to prison to finish their sentences? After all, the victims paid the full price and had to live through the virus, why don’t the ACLU believe in being fair? This is ridiculous and caused me to halt every donation to ACLU ever. What about their victims? It TERRIFIES me to know my attacker might get out early. And if he does the NCO violations they already laugh off will be like oh well sorry there’s a pandemic, do whatever the heck you want. I agree with justice sucks. There needs to be bail reform. There needs to be a way to protect prisoners but letting them out? Where do you think they’re going to get a job right now? They won’t get unemployment. Where are they going to live? No, you don’t want to help them. You simply don’t want to foot the medical bills. It’s sad that never once does the ACLU look at victim rights. In Iowa, victims have no constitutional rights. It is a nightmare. See my story at iowacrimevictims.com I haven’t been able to post much lately but hope to post more about this soon. I’m not interested in your story. I am interested in how we are going to prevent a mass outbreak of the virus in prisons, an outbreak that will overwhelm our local hospitals. Reducing the number of those incarcerated is something that needs to be done. We have 25% of the world’s incarcerated and 5% of the world’s population, so, we are doing something wrong. No one is talking about releasing those who are a danger to society. Right now, the immediate danger is this virus. Some of the points you mention were addressed in the DSP 2020 the one where they risk their lives to save yours shirtJenn so, you are okay with them having more victims? Or do you genuinely not understand how viruses like Covid-19 work? Look up why ‘concentration’ camps were used before the nazis decided on the final solution. Or look up how the 1918 flu started. (Hint: it wasn’t in Spain, and it wasn’t a prison, but it was an American military base.


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