Drink heavily with local whenever possible shirt

Drink heavily with local whenever possible shirt


Isn’t this the same felon who while on home confinement had to be warned repeatedly not to email and talk on the phone? As far as I’m concerned he’s a national security risk who should have been moved to solitary. He violated home confinement before. If he does it now, he should be put in solitary confinement if they are afraid of the Drink heavily with local whenever possible shirt. Why is his life more important than the rest of the prisoners? They want to send all our children back to school. They insist that meatpackers are essential. Manafort is released because he might get sick and he’s a friend of trumps. That does NOT make sense to me. So is he required to follow all protections required to keep him unexposed to the virus? And his family should be required to stay home so they don’t bring COVID-19 home to him. And his fellow prisoners should receive a similar release to their own house arrest. I don’t like it much. But at least he did a year or so in prison. Course right after the election I see a pardon coming. And what is the difference in his situation than Michael Cohen? Nothing, but Cohen is on the outs, and Rump wants payback. So after having his hopes raised on release in Stir, he sits. Are we going to release all white-collar convicts then? Of all colors? All non-violent offenders over 65? We have two systems of justice in this country: one for the rich and well-heeled, and one for the rest of us. Disgusting. Yeah, I heard all sorts of complaining about some states letting non-violent felons who were very close to their release date being released, but not one word from Republicans about releasing Trump’s buddy. If just this one thing had happened in the Obama or Clinton administrations the Republicans would be going batshit crazy. But this is just a small thing in a long, long list of inappropriate, unlawful and reckless moves. Vote BLUE in November and undo the corruption of this administration.


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