Dragon ew people corona shirt

Dragon ew people corona shirt



Stop using the crisis to push your agenda. I’m not in favor of locking sex workers up, but there must be reasonable laws to be able to intervene and separate abused, coerced sex workers from their abusers, and that requires legal means. You sound the people who want to sacrifice workers’ lives for the economy. Keep the economy out of this. We need to ensure the public health concerns are considered when making policy about sex work, but I’m not willing to throw victims to the wolves. Steve Knoblock, it’s not like they’re actual people or anything. They don’t deserve any help. Let them starve and become homeless so we can REALLY complain about them! But whatever you do please remember to only use derogatory terms for the others so no one is confused about them being deserving of the same basics we are. We’re better. I don’t think your stance on that part is crazy, but I do disagree. The stimulus wasn’t based on income tax payments. People who paid nothing still got them. Off the books workers still pay other federal taxes and the whole package was intended to goose the economy. Tennessee is full of corruption in these profit prisons and yes even jails. The marijuana detainees are charged for underwear and food snacks are inflated 100%. And the Dragon ew people corona shirt is garbage. They should not be run by businessmen from local towns! Potheads are great at repetitive tasks. That is why the for-profit prisons like them for slave labor. They keep the potheads and release the violent ones because the violent ones are hard to manage and dot work well! Why should the government dictate what you can and can’t do with your body? Addiction is an illness, not a crime. Drugs that are legal in one state (like cannabis) may be illegal in another state. You are hopelessly and willfully naive in your privilege. The law does not and never has equaled justice. Slavery was once legal and helping runaway slaves was a crime. Please read The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander.


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