DPCHMOD fuck corona shirt

DPCHMOD fuck corona shirt



Just another way to ignore the rights of women while telling us transitioning is the same as being born female yet her rights are more important than the rights of women because she was born male. Oh, big surprise there. Sure it’s a new twist on denying women our rights but the DPCHMOD fuck corona shirt is the same. I know I’m a horrible person because I can’t support the rights of everyone unless I believe women should give up their rights. Of course, not even the ACLU believes this is even about women’s rights so we are screwed. Do you think it’s fair to other runners who compete against Lindsay, girls who do not have the advantage of years of development as a male and the greater heart/lung capacity, joint and tendon durability, fast-twitch muscle fibers and other athletic advantages that brings? I lived there overall outside of Boise metro and some others it’s way conservativeworse than Montana no offense to him but Idaho has a senator named Mike Crapo and he no offense he really is my opinion. The argument about sports is a lot different than general discrimination against transgender people. What all transgender people should be fighting for is an end to gender separation in sports. If transgender females have a genetic advantage over cisgender females, allowing them to compete with the cisgender females IS NOT equality. It’s not ignorance or fear or hate. It is about what is fair. It may not be fair to not let this person run but it certainly isn’t fair to the girls Lindsey would be running against because being born physiologically male would be a definite advantage. It is unfortunate that the advocates of this cannot follow this out to the next logical conclusion. The end of ALL high school & collegiate sports. Eventually, Title IX will rear it’s ugly head and put an end to all of it, one way or another. In some places, even before transgenderism came to the forefront, Title IX killed off some sports at some school due to the equal funding requirements. If a school did not have the funding for both a girl and a boys basketball team for example, then Title IX forces the school to have NEITHER, under the auspices of equality. Eventually, the physical/biological sciences (as opposed to the hogwash social sciences) will win this battle, and force the transgendered into their own divisions. When that happens, schools will be forced to split those funds into thirds. I do not see that going well. To be clear, I am not bashing those who are trans. You do and be your best self. I am merely making a prediction based on things that I have seen regarding Title IX.


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