DP abortion two letters that can save a life shirt

DP abortion two letters that can save a life shirt



I am the Nephew of Wendell Ford. You People are not Democrats. My Uncle was a Democrat. I grew up around Democrats. I don’t recognize what today’s Democrats as what Democrats used to be. You People are so far left You to resemble the SS! If you actually support the asshole McConnell then it says everything we need to know about your lack of morals and character. Enough said no need for me to waste more time with your bullshit. John Rowley so why are you a trump supporter when his wife is technically an illegal immigrant? She was here on a visitor visa and working which us illegal. You can google that yourself. Also, you should read the DP abortion two letters that can save a life shirt. You are wrong. So until you can do a simple task of reading, you’re nothing more than another racist troll. This shows how many people have no empathy because they dehumanize inmates and their loved ones and until it happens to them they won’t try to understand. Saying don’t do the crime as if there’s no injustice in this country and as if there aren’t corrupt prosecutors, judges, lawyers, and lawmakers out there. As if the law is fair for everybody regardless of how much money you have or who you know. I believe in rehabilitation, not punishment. My loved one is incarcerated and his life isn’t less worth it than anybody else’s life. I’ll always fight for him and for his health because he doesn’t deserve to be in there. It’s weird, up until a little bit ago he was sharing things that indicated he believed the experts and wanted everyone to social distance and stay at home. Now he’s doing this. It’s like his account was hacked. Then what in the ever-loving fuck are you talking about then? Who is being released that “needs to serve their time” or do you not understand what’s happening and commenting without reading? Also, I’m not religious. You just are taking on the mannerisms of a religious person. Regardless. You’re an asshole and you’re also talking out of your asshole. You are seriously making ZERO sense.


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