Don’t make plans it’s deer season blee’dat shirt

Don’t make plans it’s deer season blee’dat shirt



Extend that reasoning to crimes committed by white folks. This entire piece speaks to America’s vintage appalling separate and unequal criminal justice system. Denying it defies intelligence. Darold Oswald so no matter the crime, and no matter how short the sentence, if something happens to you while you’re in jail you deserve it? GTFO. Most crimes aren’t a death sentence, and they shouldn’t become one because of extenuating circumstances. 2-year sentence for maintaining drug premises. You’re comparing that to hitting and killing someone with a car? She gave birth by C-section while on a ventilator and died a month later. The judge could’ve waited to sentence her after the baby’s birth but why should indigenous people get justice? What about laws like lynching? Can’t wait for the descendants of colonizers and slave owners to start paying for their crimes. Based on your sociopathy and lack of empathy, I’m willing to bet you’re one of them.¬†Darold Oswald not everyone in prisons broke the law. Even if they did, unless it was murder, it shouldn’t be life, nor a death sentence. I imagine God has given you quite a few chances on God’s laws. Don’t say you have never broken any of God’s laws. Then you’d be lying, for all have sinned.¬†Carla Moore-Williams don’t break the law, won’t ever die in jail or prison. it’s simple. I have never been arrested because I don’t break laws and get caught. don’t matter the Don’t make plans it’s deer season blee’dat shirt. what about a shoplifter who caught covid in jail. they stole, broke the law. was put in jail for doing so. You don’t get caught. Good point. You also don’t read. The judge could have put off her sentence until after she gave birth. She wasn’t a violent offender and she died after giving birth and contracting Covid-19. Her sentence was 26 months, not death. It already was illegal. Look up the history of what it was like and why they decriminalized it. Making it illegal is not going to just magically stop it. Planned Parenthood provided education and birth control options to end abortions. It also educated people against disease. I think both parties should focus on trying to stop the pregnancy before it happens. There should be a massive education for young men. After all these women don’t get pregnant on their own. If you want to make something illegal make it illegal for a young man to start the pregnancy for his own fun inconvenience.


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