Don’t follow me I do stupid things shirt

Don’t follow me I do stupid things shirt



Is this number higher or lower than men in prison in Wisconsin with a mental health condition? How does it compare to the national average? How does this change if we break the number down by age/ethnicity/income? It does make a difference. If the national average is the same, or worse, perhaps we need to focus on a bigger picture. If one subset of the demographic has an outsized effect, perhaps a smaller picture would be a good focus. Context matters. Is this woman in jail, or poor women in jail without good access to mental health care before legal issues arise? Did they actually commit a crime and were found fit to stand trial? Was an evaluation performed? Was the mental illness the result of the incarceration, or a contributing factor to the cause? Without asking this question, what actions would help? Mark O’Connell why Reagan? The crisis began when JFK closed mental hospitals into community mental health so what we had were the mentally ill walking the streets with severe mental illness and then the drug Don’t follow me I do stupid things shirt gained strength. George Brens yes sadly he died soon after he passed this and was terribly mismanaged as it tried to move forward. Not very much got done about the community mental health act for a while and always in shakeup grounds. Doug Fabens I wonder why incarcerated women are more than twice as likely as incarcerated men to have a mental condition. Are women more likely than men to have the most common mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety? Herman Frisbee, I’m going to take a guess here and assume they’re advocating for mental health treatment over incarceration. But, ya know, that’s just a guess using basic deductive reasoning.


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