Don’t be a hippo twatamus twatwaffle cuntasaurous shirt

Don’t be a hippo twatamus twatwaffle cuntasaurous shirt



The Healthcare Industry known as the healthcare regime is protecting gang members, cults/cults, and terrorist networks by calling the terrorized and victimized patients’ conclusions that corrupt police officers and gang members are playing with walkie talkies and dolls as the voices in peoples’ heads, as delusions! Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Doctors, and Nurses protect gang members and terrorist leaders First. I mean the program has a sinister as hell name, which I almost appreciate even though the actual surveillance program is horrifying. They typically call these operations something like “Friendly eyes in the sky to help locate lost kittens” or something. They should only use it in high crime communities, like the COVID 19 let’s get 14 days of no shootings, then slowly remove surveillance cameras until we reach no shootings for 6 months, like most communities in America. If no shootings continue for one year then they can be removed. This was inevitable. I have wondered when this would happen. As the Trump dictatorship tightens its grip and the Republican coup reaches its final stages of completion, this was the next logical step. The Constitution has been under sustained and aggressive attack since the deranged orange clown ascended to the Oval Office. This will be yet another brick in the wall. Baltimore do not let them impede on your constitutional rights. It is racist and will do more harm than good How do you feel about a private company keeping records on your whereabouts although you have committed no crime. A private white-owned company monitoring black lives. They will tell you nothing is being done with the information but we have no way of trusting them or checking if that information isn’t sold to political think tanks, corporations, etc. Every time the media pushes negative black biased news white Baltimore screams and black leaders allow cops to violate civil and constitutional rights of blacks. Black leaders have failed blacks in Baltimore. More cops and mass incarceration are not attacking the root cause of crime. A cop for mayor is not the answer either, cops and their attitudes are part of the Don’t be a hippo twatamus twatwaffle cuntasaurous shirt.


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