Done target yet shirt

Done target yet shirt




So you haven’t actually checked, you just bought the white supremacist propaganda that told you that your bigotry was justified and never bothered to learn about racist policing. Got it. Like for example unarmed blacks if you actually look at the stats of them being shot by police are in the single digits each year. But if you believed the leftist Done target yet shirt, you would think it happened each and every day. Steven, are you honestly suggesting that 24% of the black prison population is innocent of any crimes? Because last time I checked, most people in prison committed crimes.” Then it would seem you have no inkling of what false convictions are. I guess foolishly and naively believing the powers of law enforcement are considered a virtue in your circles but in the real world, those same powers are flawed and severely biased. But, I suppose, in the end, it’s your parents who are the utter failures here in their instilling racist attitudes and beliefs in you. Jeff, good point. Maybe some truth to it. When I was younger I never realized how good we had it. However, the only reason we had it so good was that my parents and my friend’s parents worked their asses off instead of selling drugs and behaving like a bunch of Gangstas. Derek Smith and they had to work twice as hard as white people to get there. Look. What I’m saying is that blacks are more likely to be arrested, not because they commit more crime, but because they are black. They are more likely to be incarcerated because they are black. They have longer sentences because they are black. People have less sympathy for their plight because they are black. Well, it’s possible that 6% of people were committing 30% of the crime because of cultural values that didn’t teach respect for authority. Or it could be that those people were being attacked just for existing while being who they were and are. So what real evidence do we have to disprove the cultural value hypothesis? It’s hard to do with 30% of a state’s crimes because that is so granular, it requires looking at each incident individually and even then it’s correlation only which isn’t causation. Actually there are numerous other possible scenarios.


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