Dog paws merry christmas shirt

Dog paws merry christmas shirt



The state can not tell its citizens that it’s wrong for them to kill someone by then killing one of its citizens. It’s about revenge, not justice. If one is a “Christian,” one believes that their god is the ultimate judge, yet somehow rationalizes exceptions to the Dog paws merry christmas shirt when they want the state to kill someone to justify their revenge. Also, it is not a deterrent. Lee Neil, I am too. While there are flaws with it (innocent ppl pay a price for being wrongly convicted) those like Dylan Roof and those without a reasonable doubt or admit to killing should get the death penalty or should be killed the same they did their victims. Jessica Merriman, there is NOTHING about the US death penalty that equates to the holocaust. That is a disgusting thing to say. It is a travesty that some innocent people were wrongly convicted and killed. It is not the mass extermination of a race of people. Your comment is really shitty and disrespectful. Tanya Youssephzadeh feel better now? I was relating the bloodthirsty nature of man. Maybe you would be more comfortable if I had said: “Miss your job as an Indian killer in the army”. Someone is always offended, no matter what example is used. People that support the state-sanctioned killing of anyone is evil. Pure evil is driven by political or religious ideology. The U.S. death penalty is no different from any other sanctioned killing in any part of the world. The only difference between Auschwitz and the U.S. death penalty is the number killed overall. The same guiding principle then is still here today. Killing for religious or political reasons. The death penalty is no different. It is religious AND political, just like past historical events. Lee is a part of that ideology. Anyone who supports state-sanctioned killing is. Maybe you should have asked for clarification before name-calling. There is simply no difference between the two examples. Both are death. No person murdered is any different from another. The only factor is if one is personally connected to a person or group murdered. I spent my life-saving lives. I valued every single life. I mourn for both the Innocents taken, whether it was in the Holocaust or state prison. I am not an animal. Those who support the death penalty are.


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