Do not arrest this person shirt

Do not arrest this person shirt



Jesse Hutson does some of you live under a rock or are you just stupid! The Do not arrest this person shirt has done nothing to be impeached for. Can’t you see since before he took office this has been going on? The Dems are hung up on hating this man so much it’s kept them from doing one thing since trump became president. Trump will win a second term regardless. Manuel Santiago Trump isn’t the as you want to say the Nazis and attempting to have a foreign power influence our elections again. It has always been the Democrats… Clinton and the DNC paid for the Russian Doresia and had Ukraine involved also… so get the facts straight please….everything the Dems have done for over the past 3 1/2 years has been based on lies but what’s new… the left can’t speak the truth. I am afraid you have consumed way too much of the kool-aid. Patricia Oliver, Who is changing the constitution? The people abiding by every article, or the group whose leader calls parts he dislikes “phony”? Having been a constitutionalist Republican all of my life, I take great offense to a leader that will just dismiss certain parts of it. He is not a King. In fact, our constitution was put in place to directly refute such a notion. I hate siding with democrats, but I will side with them before the guy that disrespects the very founding documents of our Republic. Morrison says nothing illegal. President Trump, who placed the call, says nothing illegal. The President of Ukraine, who was the other person on the call, says nothing illegal. Then a whistleblower, who admits he was not even there, but “heard tell” says it was illegal. Look who the Democrats, in their learned wisdom, chose to believe… Still, think most politicians are under-qualified and over-employed. Janet Doughtie Adair Best relatable story was when Trump had to pause aid to Peurto Rico to send in marshals to secure the aid the Democrat mayor was holding hostage. It wasn’t for political purposes, to make sure taxpayers don’t give aid to corrupt government officials.


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