Disney Villian Friends Shirt

Disney Villian Friends Shirt



These religious fanatics are using taxpayer money, so they don’t care how much it costs or how long it takes. When they lose in court, they’ll be right back again with another version. The only way to stop this nonsense is to make the individuals responsible wish they had been aborted to avoid the misery you should inflict on them. They care nothing about the Disney Villian Friends Shirt and misery they inflict on others – and we should feel the same about them. To use a crude but apt Southern expression, you need to “knock their dicks in the dirt”. John, how do you “make the individuals responsible”? Does that ideal also extend to identifying the biological fact a baby growing in the womb is a separate life from the mother and “make the individual responsible” for the choices that created the baby? So stupid laws shouldn’t be challenged and we should just let it happen because of money? Maybe those responsible for these stupid things should think about the money aspect before they do them. Herman Frisbee, these people aren’t pro-life they are anti-abortion, and often anti-women. Yes, I know some of my sisters gave been brainwashed, often by the misogynistic Catholic and evangelical churches, who strive to keep women in their “proper” inferior place. The only thing that will be accomplished if abortion is made illegal or inaccessible, is that women, mostly poor women will die. If women can’t be in charge of their own health care then men shouldn’t have that right either


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