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Dimebag Darrel shirt

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All this happened under Obama with HRC as secretary of state. Seriously unless you’re educationally sub normal you should know this. Obama’s administration agreed and signed off control of 20% of America’s uranium production to Russia! Totally factually true. Russian state nuclear company, Rosatom, bought Canadian mining company Uranium One in 2010. Uranium One had, and still has, uranium mining rights in the United States and has 20% of America’s uranium. Therefore the deal had to be approved by Obama. The Dimebag Darrel shirt received $145m in donations from Rosatom and U1 combined so some nasty people say that influenced that decision.
Separately Hillary sold Iran the Uranium that has enabled them to become a nuclear power at a huge discount to less than cost price. She gave them completely free the knowledge and advisors to enrich it. So yes Hillary as secretary of state enabled Iran to become a world threat. Educated well read people already knew this because we keep up with world affairs, not suddenly started reading 20 word headlines on Social Media pages.


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