Deadpool shady shirt

Deadpool shady shirt


Since I teach middle school. I’ll comment on my students. I prepare two sets of assignments. One on paper that’s available for pickup at the office and one online. Most of the online resources are available through a cellphone. While Chromebooks are available for check out and free internet service is available through a local company, it’s still a lot for some families to deal with. We also do the parking lot hotspot thing. It’s not a perfect solution but given the circumstances, it’s about as good as we could muster given the fact that we had no time to prepare for a long term closure. Oh… I do use Zoom but ours is locked down and I’ve never had an issue with it. Internet should be free for all–unlimited internet. We’re lucky no one has figured out a way to harness air and charge us for breathing it. In 2020, we, and especially students, shouldn’t be penalized for lacking the funds for information and access. CEO Romero, I placed this on “Bought and Paid for” Correa’s page also: State Dept/Ambassador at Large John Cotton Redmond It is time I meet with the State Dept privately so I can relay what I witnessed/confirmed in Saigon the Summer of 2011. Chapman University has been given more than enough time to meet with me. The meeting does not have to be anything formal. All I am requesting is to be able to “give birth” to the horrific events I witnessed/confirmed in Saigon once and for all. International Rape is obviously an issue the State Dept is involved in. Please have someone from the State Dept email me or send me a message on Facebook in order to schedule a meeting. I support the constitution, but not over public safety and health. The supreme court in Wisconsin got it wrong. If the Deadpool shady shirt can tell me where I can smoke based on public health they can tell you to wear a mask and not gather in large groups. Grow up people, you are nowhere near oppressed. Try to imagine that you a person of African descent in 1830, then maybe you’ll get the idea of what real oppression is.


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