Deadpool Fuck Corona shirt

Deadpool Fuck Corona shirt



It’s an airborne microscopic virus. You breathe it in. It goes straight to our lungs. This is why it’s so contagious. Dr. Fauci finally admitted that it may be airborne as well as land on objects. Stay home. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I was taught to count to 20 when I was in kindergarten. And I still can. So why all the fuss. Just count to 20. It’s really easy. Sing Happy Birthday, takes the right amount of time and everyone already knows the words. The preamble, most people go straight to the 2nd amendment and skip the heavy reading. We people do none of those things and you, as a group, actively speak out against those who would act against the powers that be. You’re the only civil liberties union that actively weighs rights against each other. So who else sang the Schoolhouse Rock version in their heads? I wish that type of thing was still around for the kids today to learn about our government – it made it fun and at 55 I still remember it by heart because of Schoolhouse Rock. The Constitution is alive and well. Originally, it was not a perfect document. But the stated goal of “a more perfect union” has helped us through many crises before. And with this instructive exercise, it’s helping us again. Long live the Constitution of the USA. Kim Hannan, I was an American Embassy and there was a line to go to the restrooms, while inside I was standing in front of the sink and I moved aside for 3 people to wash their hands and they just walk away. Gwyneth Badia, I read an article by a sociologist several months ago. Cutting it to the basic elements( nothing partisan) he said the person at the top be it a CEO or president they heavily influence the Deadpool Fuck Corona shirt or citizens’ behavior. At that point in time, I thought of those closest to me & myself. I knew we had been taught to a strong moral standard and lived to that. Nothing would change us. But I have cable tv and watch history, documentaries & British comedies. A recent hospitalization opened my mind. American comedies had a lot of yelling, a lot of talking down to other characters, children’s programs surprised me also. More of the same. A sort of spy based storyline had a female boss who shouted & demoted anyone who disagreed with her or had the courage to say they thought the crew might be making a mistake. Mr. Sociologist, I stand corrected. There are those of us who were taught right & wrong, moral behavior and won’t be pushed away from what we have been taught (& are old enough to have tested it for ourselves). But many are swayed by the person “in charge”. My pointing out which direction to rinse one’s hands wasn’t saying people didn’t need reminding; it was the drawing was for surgical handwashing. If someone exposed to any virus or bacteria would hold their hands up they would rinse the germs to their wrist. Not a safe direction to get rid of the germs.


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