Deadpool dadpool like a dad only cooler shirt

Deadpool dadpool like a dad only cooler shirt



Perhaps Richard Williams should have not taken up a life of crime that landed him a very minimal 5 years sentence. He evaded arrest for 2 years and when the US Marshals and other law enforcement finally caught up with him, he rammed an occupied police SUV in his flight to escape. Dozens of charges, many involving firearms. Sorry, not sorry about your luck Richard. Should have been thinking of your kids. Now he’s reduced to holding a poster board with your inmate number. Truly what does putting a person in prison helped, some may be really dangerous, but most can be reformed or some were never given a chance. A lot of innocent people or mental disability are in prison, need to overhaul our legal system. It seems to be a business that has very little to do with justice. John Dee fines and money off lawyers, court costs, even charge you for being in jail. Money makes a difference, you have to have money to fight the system. If you are poor there legal aid, but most goes bankrupt, even families. It seems to be more about money, little about facts or truth. Always talking about free healthcare, but since we say innocent until proven guilty, but one goes broke trying to prove innocence or escape the guilty verdict. All about money. Crystal Bailey those are problems too. As the contract with the for-profit companies, where they literally promise to fill a certain number of beds. Gotta think that impacts things like plea agreements and early parole. All over my head, but as my handicap brother had legal problems and my other brother try to help him, the Deadpool dadpool like a dad only cooler shirt realizes he had money and found something 15 years ago, and put the fines heavily on him and his lawyer even was supposed to brag about taken his money, a small community so our court system is more of a little club. Not many crimes here at least the police know how to prove, so people get set up. Police officers need speeders or something to show how they paid, same with prosecutors. All about money.


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