dasher dancer prancer vixen moscato vodka tequila blitzen shirt

dasher dancer prancer vixen moscato vodka tequila blitzen shirt



Douglas Kaup, sometimes I feel like I am trying to speak to tribalized children. Where did I lose you? Was it at Obama? Don’t you get it? When Obama took over the presidency, we were dealing with the public knowledge that the CIA was torturing people. Obama promised to be transparent, he ran on a platform of hope and change. He failed. He failed because he chose to fail. This is not about Trump. First off, the people who tortured are either gone or enjoying anonymity. Second, it is pointless to expect Trump to do anything right. Third, just because I criticized Obama does not automatically mean I am a part of the Trump cult. Wake up please, adults realize life and politics have far more than binary choices to offer. Alex Shields this is actually an excellent idea. All of Hollywood and Nashville and everywhere in between should stop tour and making movies and music. Not only to save the dasher dancer prancer vixen moscato vodka tequila blitzen shirt they say they care about but to also stand strong with those who make it all possible for them that only make minimum wage. It seems like a win, win right. Vicki McCleskey McGuire no you get what you pay for. I have never gotten sick from their food. They have outstanding food and real chicken not the fake crap like others. Their prices aren’t that bad either. McDonald’s prices are almost the same as theirs. Jay Cye until you provide an alternative that is as delicious and has as great customer service, I’m gonna continue to eat there. I’m sure if you knew the ideology of the businesses making every one of your household items, you’d disagree with them. Jeff Ingram, I have seen it! It’s insane. I drive a lot for my job so I see a lot of Chick-fil-A is here and there and it’s always like that. They got to be doing something right. And honestly, while I eat there on occasion it’s not the best fast food I’ve ever had. They got something


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