Darth Vader I find your lack of cheer disturbing shirt

Darth Vader I find your lack of cheer dusturbing shirt



Larry Hanson But “folks” like you don’t even know the actual definition of socialism nor what current examples illustrate the current administration IS doing socialist acts. Examples: tariff relief for farmers. Oil and gas industry subsidies. Wall Street bailouts. All SOCIALISM. ALL currently being done by Trumpy. NOT Socialism: Student loan debt relief. Health insurance. Increase in the minimum wage. See the difference? Of course, you don’t. Quantum entanglement has been Genetically engineering DNA at a distance now. Yes, what happens to.a sample can affect a person at a distance. Research it. As a matter of fact, it should be illegal to hold samples over a certain amount of time. Danielle Marie, it absolutely is. Anyone (citizen or not) in America is entitled to the protections of the Constitution, including the Bill of Rights. Can the Darth Vader I find your lack of cheer disturbing shirt just take and log your DNA randomly? No, and neither can the government take and log the DNA of these asylum seekers who have broken no laws. Bryan Haas, I hope they do build a wall..one that keeps people like you away from decent people. Do you know that walls work two ways, honey? Did you know that they also keep people in? Do you cool with that, cupcake? When you agree with forcing anyone to submit to something so invasive, YOU also agree and assure that in the future, they will come after YOU, and brand you with a number. Being white and racists enabling lawlessness, will come back and kick you in the ass..that is a guarantee.


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