Dadacorn shirt

Dadacorn shirt



Maybe the problem is house hoarding… if I buy up 50k masks and charge 20 each I go to jail if I buy up 100’s of homes or thousands of apartments I can force people to give me all their money. No jail. It seems like a backward system for me. It is up to the county judge also if they want to side with the Dadacorn shirt. Pay attention to who does what. Vote them out if they start evicting mass numbers of people. Call the media on them too. Protest outside the courthouse. Yes, but we {landlords} have bills to pay. Tenants that are living paycheck to paycheck cannot catch up on back rent without direct government help. The stimulus check is a start as is expanded Unemployment insurance but how about direct aid to Landlords? Mortgage forgiveness, loan forgiveness, rent forgiveness – it has to be a chain. Banks can get relief by categorizing mortgage payment forgiveness as debt restructuring under the stimulus package. They need to do it. Small landlords yes, but most landlords are owned but companies, not individuals. I absolutely agree the individuals who own homes and rent them out should also get some sort of relief. Brendan Gillis some acceptable backstop to debt/mortgages needs to happen on both sides of the aisle but one thing for certain..pulling a rabbit out of your azz is next to impossible if you have a significant loss of income. Every activist group I know asking for rent forgiveness also includes mortgage forgiveness. Every article I read advocating for rent forgiveness also includes mortgages. The only people who are acting like mortgages are not included are landlords. I’m not trying to be evicted, but there is a $2000 early termination fee to break my lease and they won’t let up even though I need to move.


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