Crip just loc it shirt

Crip just loc it shirt



The point is that most LGBT “care” is frankly elective and not necessary. It is not life and death. So certainly I support religious hospitals denying LGBT patients. If a transgender is denied being allowed a sex-change surgery, then that is elective and they can go elsewhere to receive such treatment. Glare, I don’t need a degree to understand basic logic, but since you couldn’t refute my point and just insulted me, I think it means that I am correct in what I said about LGBT treatments not being necessary.  Can you imagine a Jewish doctor refusing to treat people with tattoos, or to refuse treatment on patients with organ transplants? Can you imagine a Jehovah’s Witness refusing to treat people who have had blood transfusions? Sounds like the insurance company refused to pay for the Crip just loc it shirt. If he offered to pay cash would they still do the procedure? I have been to that hospital. It is filled with all kinds of people from every walk of life. That person is judging the people he expects to work for him regardless of their own beliefs and wants. No one should be able to force people to do anything they don’t want. This post showed that their are so many people willing to help. Why tell someone they must work for you. Apparently you didn’t read the article, or you’d have seen that the objection came from hospital administration. Not the insurance company refusing to pay. Not personnel refusing to take part. Someone in the administration made the decision that surgery would not be performed on someone because they are transgender. I’m not sure if you live in America or not. But, last I checked. Doctors work for insurance companies in America and denying care seems to be medical school 101. Nowadays the Hippocratic Oath is as much a joke as Protect and Serve on the side of cop cars. It’s all about revenue.


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