Criminal minds 15th anniversary 2005 2020 shirt

Criminal minds 15th anniversary 2005 2020 shirt



Many if not most exploit the asylum laws and claim. They receive more rewards and benefits than taxpaying legal citizens, and it’s all at taxpayer expense. It’s unacceptable. Carl Geppert No, you’re a troll because you seek to get a rise out of people with no intention of engaging in meaningful dialogue. I know this because I’ve asked you to support your opinion with objective evidence and you won’t. Carl Geppert this is what social media does to people. I cannot take seriously the things that are said on platforms like Facebook. People hide behind their computer screens and attack each other. I’ve done it countless times myself. I’ve said idiotic things and made statements based on headlines I’ve read while skimming through my news feed. It hasn’t helped anything. I don’t believe any real discussion can be had here. Social media is a giant time-waster that isolates people and destroys their productivity. Not a fan. The internet should be a resource for knowledge, not opinions and propaganda. Social media drives the proliferation of the later. I just assumed that Carl’s comment was an opinion. And why does he need to source facts to defend his opinion when no one else is willing to do the same? Add in the fact that opinions don’t HAVE to be fact-based. The very definition of the word opinion, a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge, states that. EVERYONE’S opinions are equally bullshit to anyone that has a different opinion unless the other person is open-minded enough to listen to a why. You’re not interested in why he feels that way. You’re waiting for him to name a source so that you can ruefully attack it with your baseless insults that should be directed at yourselves as well. Here is a question for you. And think about it carefully. How do you know that he is a Trump supporter? Ah, careful now. You’ve accused him of slandering an entire race (though not sure where race came in) and belittling a political party based on his comment alone, yet you’ve tagged him as a brainless Trump supporter without the evidence to support that claim. Do you really not see the double standard there? Right in your face evidence of what he has rebuked and you still don’t see it. So back to the matter of evidence. Why are you really asking for his sources? And be honest. If you’re honest, you may just get an answer. If you really aren’t seeking an answer, then you’ve just added more evidence to the claim that you’re only here to belittle and slander. By the way, I don’t fully share this same Criminal minds 15th anniversary 2005 2020 shirt, I just get tired of seeing people attack each other with utter nonsense when someone else’s opinion differs from theirs. Please feel free to comment back, but I will not respond.


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